Stanford in the Vale CE Primary School

High Street Stanford In The Vale Faringdon Oxon. SN7 8LH
Tel: 01367 710474 Fax: 01367 718429
Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
Page Updated 24.08.18

School Council

School Council consists of twelve children from classes one to six. We meet on a Thursday afternoon.

During our meeting we consider suggestions made by the whole school and how they can be made into reality.

We think about how to improve school life by producing things like, playtime rules. We also write monthly reports for the parish newsletter.

Our Playground Rules

School Council 2017 - 2018

Class 6

Kelsi Rose
Haydon Nuckley

Class 5

Tammy Baker
Heath Stillion

Class 4

Noa McCaugherty-Child
Jade Atkinson

Class 3

Connie Evans
Rhook Mayall

Class 2

Jack Taylor
Beth Green

Class 1

Noah Kirkman
Lily Lea