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Forget-me-not Class - Year 6

Teachers: Mrs Dharmasiri & Mrs Watkin
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Miozga & Mrs Peel

Today we said goodbye to our Year 6 class. Their seven year journey with us is at an end! We had a lovely leavers zoom service where the children recalled their favourite memories, listened to the leaver's song, recited a poem, were presented with Bibles and trophies and played a video they recorded - it is amazing!

All the children have grown and developed so much and it has been lovely to see. Within the Leaver's Service we presented five awards, an Arts Award, School Sports Award, Progress Award, Endeavour Award and Personal Contribution to the School Award. This year the winners were:

  • Arts Award - Jade and Henry E
  • Sports Award - Katherine and Billy
  • Progress Award - Ryan
  • Endeavour Award - Grace
  • Personal Contribution to the School - Riley
The children got to sign each other's t-shirts and to have a special lunch of pizza and chips, jelly and ice cream on the green, as well as the cakes kindly brought in by Archie and Casper.

I also received a lovely letter from Henry this morning which I have copied below:

Dear Mrs Willis,

This letter is to you and all the staff at Stanford Primary. I wanted to write to thank you for the amazing time I have had at Stanford Primary School. The opportunities have been astounding - the best activities and opportunities in any school! From PGL to having people from Africa doing their native dances, having Caribbean people show us how to play the steel drums, doing sweet shack and representing the school in various sport competitions. I have enjoyed every moment of my time at Stanford. I would like to thank every single one of you.

Even though this year we have had the coronavirus outbreak and missed things such as SATS, end of year Production and going to Fairford Airshow if it wasn’t for corona virus we would of done those things thanks to you, your amazing ideas light fires in our hearts and keep them going, things that we would of never done without you.

It is this primary school that has made me who I am, from the staff and teachers and friends and visitors everyone has made my Stanford primary experience as good as possible. Also amazing things that we support, like charities such as the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.

You have prepared me so well to go to secondary school. At the start of school it was settling in for a few years and then before you know it you’re getting ready to go to secondary. I will miss all the smiley faces when I come in to school; all the friendly faces that I know oh so well.

Have a great summer!

We wish all the Year 6s every success at Faringdon Community College, King Alfred's and Larkmead.

We are also saying goodbye to Harry H and Huey from Bluebell Class, Dewi, Stanley and Millie from Poppy Class and Heidi Lu from Sunflower Class. We hope they settle quickly into their new schools and make lots of new friends. At this time of year we also say goodbye to lots of families who have been with us for many years. Thank you for your support of the school over the years and working with us for the benefit of your child(ren). The families include: The Amies, Atkinson, Bignell, Browning, Chester, Cleeter-Forsyth, Edwards, Ellis, Geekie, Gooddard, Jepson, Leach, Lee, McCaugherty-Child, Palmer, Flynn, Atkins, Slatter and Happe.

Please remember some of the quotes I read out this morning:

'We don't know about tomorrow,' said the horse, 'all we need to know is that we love each other.' 'When the dark clouds come....keep going.' 'When the big things feel out of control...focus on what you love right under your nose.'

'Always remember you matter, you're important and you are loved, and you bring to this world things no one else can.'

Sports Day:
On Friday 10th July, Year 6 held a lighthearted sports day!

Forget-me-not work week beginning 27th April

Forget-me-not work week beginning 20th April

Forget-me-not work week beginning 6th April

Forget-me-not work week beginning 30th March