Stanford in the Vale CE Primary School

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Headteacher: Mrs Amanda Willis
Page Updated 18.09.20

Celebrating Achievement

We recognise that every child is different and therefore at Stanford in the Vale we celebrate the achievements of our children in a variety of ways.

Use the links to take you to each of our awards.

Stars of the Week

Click on each class star to read the whole story.

Snowdrop Class

Buttercup Class

Bluebell Class

Poppy Class

Orchid Class

Forget-me-not Class


There are 4 merit groups. Blue dolphins, Red squirrels, Yellow owls and Green turtles.

Merits are given for good work, trying hard, good behaviour, polite manners etc.


Overall merit winners this week: Blue Dolphins

Christian Values

Every month a child from each class is chosen to get a certificate for demonstrating the Christian value of the month the best in their class.

  • September - Happiness
  • October - Forgiveness
  • November - Friendship
  • December - Peace (linked to Christmas)
  • January - Caring
  • February - Love
  • March - Trust
  • April - Hope (linked to Easter)
  • May - Respect (linked to Environmental Day)
  • June - Understanding
  • July - Thankfulness

Believe and Achieve

The 'Believe and Achieve' Award is awarded every half term to two children from every year group.

The award is to recognise those children who try hard at everything they do: they work to the best of their ability, listen carefully, have resilience and determination, play nicely with their friends and so believe in themselves therefore allowing themselves to achieve.