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Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
Siams Outstanding and Ofsted Good Provider
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Celebrating Achievement

We recognise that every child is different and therefore at Stanford in the Vale we celebrate the achievements of our children in a variety of ways.

Use the links to take you to each of our awards.

Stars of the Week

Sunflower Class

Snowdrop Class

Buttercup Class

Bluebell Class

Poppy Class

Orchid Class

Forget-me-not Class

Team Points

Green Sea Otters


Team Points:

Snowdrop Class

  • 60 Team Points - Esther
  • 60 Team Points - Elise
  • 80 Team Points - Arthur
  • 80 Team Points - Skylar
  • 80 Team Points - Sophie
  • 100 Team Points - Willow
  • 100 Team Points - Amelia
  • 120 Team Points - Jasmine
  • 120 Team Points - Chloe. S
  • 140 Team Points - Aiden
  • 160 Team Points - Toby

Bluebell Class

  • 40 Team Points Ronnie
  • 40 Team Points Mara
  • 60 Team Points Georgina
  • 80 Team Points Penny
  • 80 Team Points Ivy
  • 100 Team Points Noah
  • 120 Team Points Jack

Poppy Class

  • 20 Team Points Sienna
  • 40 Team Points Alice
  • 40 Team Points Sonny
  • 60 Team Points George
  • 60 Team Points Dylan S
  • 80 Team Points Melody
  • 80 Team Points Josh
  • 80 Team Points Mary
  • 80 Team Points Rosie
  • 80 Team Points Finley
  • 80 Team Points Lewis
  • 100 Team Points Lachie
  • 120 Team Points Elodie
  • 120 Team Points Phoebe

Orchid Class

  • 20 Team Points Benji
  • 40 Team Points James B
  • 40 Team Points Kathryn
  • 60 Team Points Toby
  • 60 Team Points Lexie.

Forget-me-not Class

  • 20 Team Points Esmay
  • 20 Team Points Tessa
  • 60 Team Points Caitlin
  • 60 Team Points Upton

Our teams:

Tamarin Monkeys (red)
We work together to take care of each other. We also like to play, have fun and protect one another.

Arctic Wolves (blue)
We are excellent at sharing responsibilities, understanding that success relies on great teamwork.

Sea Otters (green)
We are resilient, determined and intelligent. We cooperate and support each other to strengthen the team.

Honey Bees (yellow)
We are very social and communicate very well. We are excellent at sharing and swapping responsibilities.

Christian Values

Two children from each class are chosen each half-term to get a certificate for demonstrating the Christian value of the term the best in their class.

Christian Values of the Term

Autumn - Community
Spring - Love
Summer - Hope

Our Spring Term 1 Christian Value Ambassadors for Love

Sunflower Class Jaxon and Maita
Snowdrop Class - Jonathon and Liam
Buttercup Class: Millie and Alex
Bluebell Class - Rosie and Freya
Poppy Class - Dylan G and Molly
Orchid Class - Finley T and James B
Forget-me-not Class - Munashe and Merryn

Our Autumn Term 2 Community Value Ambassadors

Sunflower Class - Zainab and Jackson
Snowdrop Class - Henry and Willow
Buttercup Class - Lincoln and Ava
Bluebell Class - Bella and Saffron
Poppy Class - Conway and Tilly
Orchid Class - Toby and Evie
Forget-me-not Class - Lily P and Lola

Our Autumn Term 1 Community Value Ambassadors

Sunflower Class Macy and Levi
Snowdrop Class Aiden and Toby
Buttercup Class Harry and Jessica
Bluebell Class Penelope and Freddie
Poppy Class Rosie and Dylan S
Orchid Class Olivia and Bella
Forget-me-not Class Ethan and Jasmine

Believe and Achieve

The 'Believe and Achieve' Award is awarded every half term to two children from every year group.

The award is to recognise those children who live by our School Vision and Christian Values. They try hard at everything they do: they work to the best of their ability, listen carefully, have resilience and determination, play nicely with their friends and so believe in themselves therefore allowing themselves to achieve.

Our Spring Term 1 Winners are:

Sunflower Class Levi and Jackson
Snowdrop Class - Pippa and Isabella
Buttercup Class: Freddie and River
Bluebell Class - Penelope and Sophia
Poppy Class: Elodie and Phoebe
Orchid Class - Aphea and Owen
Forget-Me-Not Class - Esmay and Caitlin

Believe and Achieve winners went for their hot chocolate and cookie at the Coffee Shop.

Our Autumn Term 2 Winners are:

Sunflower Class - Ruby and Ella
Snowdrop Class - Aubree and Esther
Buttercup Class - Archie and Mia
Bluebell Class - Georgina and Jack
Poppy Class - Finley and Holly
Orchid Class - Frank and Finley T
Forget-me-not Class - Lilly L and Megan

Our Autumn Term 1 Winners are:

Sunflower Class Marshall and Emily
Snowdrop Class Jasmine and Amelia
Buttercup Class Christopher and Christina
Bluebell Class Ronnie and Esmee
Poppy Class Lachie and Melody
Orchid Class Lexie and Evan
Forget-me-not Class Grace and Kaitlin